4 Tips For Buying Bras Online

Buying a bra online? Here are four tips for you to make your online bra purchase confidently.

  1. Check out the size chart carefully even if you’re confident you know your size.
    This is the most important tip when it comes to bra shopping online because sizing differs from brand to brand. Even if you normally wear a 34B in one brand for example, don’t just jump to buying the 34B or its size equivalent (i.e. S or M) immediately. It is good practice to measure yourself using measuring tape and see what size you are based on that specific brand’s size chart. For example, in Malaysia, you can be a 34B in one brand but a 34E in another brand! 

  2. Read the product description closely and zoom in on the photos to avoid any surprises.
    When it comes to buying bras online, take the extra time to read the product description and zoom in on the photos. Ask yourself questions like: Does the bra have padding? Is it removable or built in? Is the bra seamless or does it have seams? Is it push up? Does the bra have a hook and eye or do I have to pull it over my head? Does it have adjustable straps or not? The little bit of extra time you take to read the description and examine the photos more closely will prevent you from having any surprises come delivery. If you’re not sure about something or need clarification, reach out to customer service.

  3. Examine the return and exchange policy thoroughly.
    A con to online shopping is not knowing if something is going to fit you well until you have the product in hand (although a good size chart can help prevent with that). Read up on the return and exchange policy so you know exactly what to expect should you need to make a return or an exchange. Intimate apparel brands policies can vary, ranging from a strict no return policy to returns up to 30 days (provided you don’t actually use the bra or remove the tags). Be mindful as bra brands typically use a “sniff test” with returns/exchanges to ensure that the bra is in its original condition upon return and really wasn’t used!

  4. Scan through as many reviews as possible and make sure to read both good and bad ones.
    Reviews from real customers are gold - both good and bad ones. Look for longer reviews to help paint a better picture. Reviews will give you insights that you typically wouldn’t be able to get if you were shopping in-store. No reviews on their actual website? Try to find testimonials on social media or Google reviews.

Buying bras online can be a much more enjoyable experience than buying in-store. This is because you have more information at your fingertips about the actual bra, the brand, and the sizes than you would in-store, and all this can help inform your decision before you hit the “Add to Cart” button.

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