Remember This ABC To Check If Your Bra Fits.

You put on a bra and it feels pretty good. But how do you know if you are actually wearing the right size and if it is the right fit? Just remember this ABC:

A is forAdjusted straps that don't slip or dig in.

Think of bra straps as an anchor. Straps help with positioning, lifting, and keeping the cups in place. Your straps should sit on your shoulders comfortably and should not be slipping or digging in. A good rule of thumb is to be able to stack two fingers between strap and shoulder. If you don't adjust your straps periodically, chances are they will be too loose and your bra will appear not to fit you properly. Many people forget to adjust straps when buying a new bra and often forget to re-adjust straps after wash (as the adjusters tend to move around in the process). So check that your straps are adjusted first before thinking that the bra may not be the right fit.

B is for - Band that is snug and doesn’t ride up the back.

At least 80% of support comes from the band. The band should always line up evenly from front to back and not ride up. The band of a new bra should feel snug on one of the looser hooks so that you can tighten it as it stretches over time. As the band loses its elasticity from wear and tear, the bra may feel loose. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are wearing the wrong size but that you may just need to replace your old bra. So take a quick peek in the mirror to see if your band lines up straight from front to back.

C is for - Cups that keep all your breast tissue in without gaping or overflow.

Cups are meant to hold and protect your breast tissue. Your breasts should sit comfortably in the cups without any gaping or overflow on the top or the sides. One breast may be slightly larger than the other so use the larger breast as the benchmark on whether the bra is the right size for you. So look down and in the mirror to check that all your breast tissue is all in.

Remembering this ABC can serve as a checklist for knowing if your bra fits or as a signal that it may be time for a new one.

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