How can we help you?


What payment options do you offer?
You can either pay by:
  • Online banking (FPX)
  • Credit & Debit Card (Visa & Mastercard only)
Where do I submit a promo code?
Proceed to "Your Bag" page and enter the promo code in the space provided. The total bill (minus any applicable shipping fees) will then calculate accordingly.
Why did my payment fail and what should I do?
There are many potential reasons why your payment was unsuccessful including your connection dropping and your card/bank rejecting the transaction. If you're still having trouble placing your order after a few attempts, contact us by chat below or by email at and we'll do our best to sort it out for you.


What is the reward for the referral program?
Anytime you refer a friend that makes their first purchase, you will receive a RM 20 credit to your account that can be used towards future purchases.

You can access the Rewards Program app by clicking on the gift box symbol at the bottom left corner of the website.
How do I redeem my referral reward?
Once you log into your account in the Rewards Program app on the bottom left corner of the website, you can choose to redeem your points. Once you hit “redeem”, you will be provided with a code instantly that can be used on the checkout page.
Who can be a referred friend?
Any new customer who has yet to sign up or purchase from Soko is eligible to be a referred friend.