When to replace old bras

Even bras have expiry dates.

Learn the signs of when it's time to let go and what to do with your old bras.

How do you know when it's time to let go of your bra?

  • Your bra has lost elasticity.

    The elastics in your bra's bands or straps will definitely wear out over time. You won't be getting the appropriate support you need when this happens. Tell tale sign that your bra bands have lost elasticity is if you've been clasping it on the tightest hook consistently and the fit isn't as snug anymore. If your straps keep falling after months or years even when it's fully tightened, take that as a red flag too.

  • Your bra has lost shape.

    Your bra can lose its original shape over time due to wash and wear. A tell tale sign is if the fabric at the top of the cup wrinkles or doesn't lie flat. Wrinkles, creases and dents are red flags too.

  • The fabric is frayed.

    Fraying is what happens when fabric begins to unravel. This can happen when fabrics endure heavy day-to-day use over a long period of time. Take this as a sign that your bra is old and worn out.

  • The underwire is poking out.

    There couldn't be a more uncomfortable sign that it's time to toss your bra. Even if you can pop it back in, it likely won't stay put for long so commit to saying goodbye. 

What should you do with old bras?

Instead of old bras collecting dust in your bra drawer (an area that we call the "bra graveyard"), you should consider donating them just like you would old clothes.

If you live in Klang Valley, look for a Kloth Cares fabric bin where you can donate your old bras. Kloth Cares makes it easy for you to help play your part in reducing fabric from our landfills and accepts bras of any condition. The wearable bras are distributed to women in underprivileged communities and the non-wearable bras are recycled into bio-fuel.

Alternatively, reach out to a local charity that accepts bras in good but worn condition.