Breast Shapes

Breasts come in many shapes. What’s the point of knowing your shape, you ask? It can help you find a bra that’s a better fit for you. (It’s like buying a pair of jeans and knowing which cut fits your legs/thighs/booty the best!) And just like how your bra size can change over time, your breast shape can evolve due to factors such as weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.

When it comes to different breast shapes, the main difference is where the fullest part of your breast tissue sits (by the way, you can be more than one shape). While your breasts are unique and no pair are exactly the same, these 12 breast shapes can help serve as a guide on which types of bras may suit you best:


One breast is bigger than the other (very common).

Bra tip: Bras with removable padding can help to even this shape out by removing the padding on the side with the larger breast or adding additional padding on the smaller side.


Wider breasts with more muscle and less tissue.

Bra tip: Bras that are not full coverage like a demi or balconette bra or bras that contour your natural shape can help with any cup gaping issues.


Fuller and rounder at the bottom, slim and narrow at the top.

Bra tip: Bras that offer full coverage and firm support are what you’re looking for. Look for bras that have a wider bottom band (which is where 80% of your support comes from).

Close Set

Little to no separation between the breasts.

Bra tip: Bras that have a more narrow bridge/center gore or a bra with a plunging neckline can help give some comfortable separation.


Breasts shaped like cones that slope downwards and have pointy nipples.

Bra tip: Bras with padding and/or moulded cups can help balance out this shape.

East West

Gently sloping breasts with nipples pointing outwards and more space in the center.

Bra tip: Bras that offer good lift with a high apex work best for this shape to bring the breasts in together.


Breasts with looser/thinner breast tissue and nipples that sit lower.

Bra tip: Bras with a high apex can help provide a natural lift and bras with shorter cups like a balconette or demi are helpful.


Breasts with equal fullness at the top and the bottom.

Bra tip: Most styles work well with this shape - it’s up to how much coverage level is desired.

Side Set

Breasts that gravitate away from the centre of the chest with more space in between. Similar to East West shape but fuller breasts.

Bra tip: Bras that have a plunging neckline that helps to lift naturally and bring breasts closer together.


Breasts that are smaller, thinner and likely longer than wide. Nipples may point downward, too.

Bra tip: Bras with a high apex can help provide a natural lift.


Breasts that are round but fuller on the bottom. Similar to bell shape but rounder.

Bra tip: Bras that have firm support but not full coverage like a demi/balconette work best or bras that are not moulded may help with any cup gaping issues.


Breasts that are side set and more cylindrical in shape and with little fullness and breast tissue.

Bra tip: Bras with some padding but not full coverage work well for this shape.