Real Talk with Adlyn | Pageant for Purpose

Meet Adlyn, a law graduate that became a finalist in the Miss World Malaysia 2021 competition. She shares with us her first time journey in the pageant world, what motivated her to join and and what cause she is most passionate about supporting.

What inspired you to join the Miss World Malaysia 2021 pageant?

I believe the Miss World Malaysia beauty pageant is a good platform to steer change in society. I’m inspired by titleholders who make a meaningful social impact in their countries and I’m also really inspired by titleholders who challenge beauty stereotypes like Maria Thattil (Miss Universe Australia 2020). She is the first person in the beauty pageant world that I can relate to as she is the same ethnicity and a similar height as me. I also want to break the stereotype that titleholders have to be tall! While Miss World Malaysia is a beauty pageant, it is not about vanity or validation for me. It has always been about advocacy.

Speaking of advocacy, what cause are you most passionate about and how are you supporting this cause?

The biggest element to this competition is advocacy (the charity arm of the Miss World Organization is called “Beauty with a Purpose”). So my Beauty with a Purpose is tackling suicide rates in Malaysia. Sadly there have been 1,708 suicidal deaths in Malaysia from 2019 to May 2021 of which over 80% were females and over 50% were teenagers. I believe strongly in advocating for this cause and have partnered with a NGO called Awareness Against Suicide (AWAS). We raise awareness through hosting engaging events like a virtual concert, prevent suicide by providing a text hotline and assist in suicide postvention to help people process trauma and grief.

What were the first steps? What happens next and what will you do if you don’t progress further?

The first step was to go for the national audition. Out of 200 contestants, 40 of us were selected. Then we had prelims, where we had to showcase a talent (I sang!) and answered questions that were crowdsourced from the audience. Everything ends on October 16th so it’s a fast competition. Only 10 contestants proceed to the next round and after that is our final competition. I was just notified that I placed in the top three and am excited to continue this journey! Regardless of what happens, I will continue to volunteer at AWAS of my own accord and maybe find another platform to make my voice heard. I also hope that no matter how far I go in this competition, that other women are inspired to join and help champion causes they strongly believe in.

Do you have any advice for those considering joining Miss World Malaysia?

If you have the thought of joining, just join. I regret not joining when I was younger. Just go for it. You will learn so, so much.

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